Given the competitive nature of today’s market, companies are racing to differentiate themselves through better customer experiences. A popular way to gain this competitive advantage is by adopting emerging technologies—such as conversational AI. To deliver a successful experience, companies need to continuously iterate and improve their AI models to keep up with the growing needs of customers.

HumanFirst and QBox are both great third-party tools to continuously improve the coverage and accuracy of chatbots and other conversational AI products. This article is an in-depth analysis of all the comparative features of HumanFirst and QBox.

HumanFirst is positioned as an entire data management solution for any NLU application, with features to discover, organize, label, manage and evaluate large-scale NLU data. On the other hand, QBox positions itself as a testing solution to understand and fix chatbots against NLP providers.

Comparing the two is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. HumanFirst is a broader solution, and the two only overlap in their model evaluation, testing, and optimization features. So, we will compare strictly against those facets:

The biggest difference between the two is that HumanFirst allows you to improve model accuracy and refactor data within the tool, which opens the doors to other powerful features such as exploring your data, clustering, discovering new intents, refactoring, and more. QBox is limited to directional insights that must be done externally, but their analysis is extremely granular.

There is also an entire dimension to fixing and improving models that can only happen when you are able to explore and continuously work on both the labeled data (which is what QBox is limited to) and unlabeled data, which is where HumanFirst has a definite edge.

To sum up:

Use HumanFirst if...

  • Looking for a broader solution around natural language applications
  • Only want metrics that can directly improve your model
  • Prefers simpler UX
  • Prefers to perform all work within one tool
  • Want a workflow around discovering new intents
  • See the value in working with unlabeled data

Use QBox if...

  • Chatbots are your only application
  • Want granular, word-level analysis of your data
  • Prefers various graphical representations
  • Prefers to make changes directly in your NLP provider
  • Don’t need a solution around building, discovering, labeling, and managing data

If you want to increase the coverage and accuracy of your chatbots, as well as manage all of your other natural language data applications, get in touch with HumanFirst.